Monday, June 18, 2012


Well not really....more like quadridog.  My octopi only have 4 legs each.  At one point in my life I enjoyed making bento lunches.  One day I stumbled a upon a website,, and thought that it was the most creative website ever (still is)!  I was inspired to pack bento lunches myself, however, I usually don't eat a proper lunch because I'm always on the run.  Wait, that just sounds wrong, let me try it again..I am usually on the move at work (much better).  Like many things I find on the internet it was just a trend.  It lasted for about 2 years and I bought lots of lots materials and supplies to pack, decorate, cut,  and store cute bento lunches but once the trend was over everything was placed in a storage container.  So recently on a whim I decided to make quadridogs because me nephew wanted to eat hot dogs so I figured why not?  Also, my sister mentioned that she would be interested in packing cute bento lunches for niece when she gets a little older =)  Maybe by then I'll be super excited to help out.  But in the meantime I'm gonna stick to baking.

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